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2 Line Base Logo [4774578]The criminal law practice group of Eastman Meyler, PC provides a range of criminal defense services, however, our primary focus is on criminal record removal services which include expungements, record sealing, conviction set-asides, firearm rights restoration, criminal database removal services, and other legal services designed to remove arrests and convictions from your criminal record, and restore rights which they may have taken away.   Our experienced criminal attorneys and support staff provide criminal record removal services under the name WipeRecord in 15 states, including:  California, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington.

Our law firm has licensed attorneys to practice law nine states, provides low price guarantees, and is here to fight for you and put your criminal record behind you.

Expungements, Record Sealing, and Other Criminal Record Removal Services

Слой 13If you have a criminal record, you know that it can make life difficult—being held back by mistakes made in your past is incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to move forward in life.  Having a criminal record can prevent you from getting the job you deserve or the housing you want, obtaining professional licenses, qualifying for government services and programs, and many opportunities in life that would otherwise be available without a criminal record.

Having a criminal record has become more difficult in recent years, as many counties and states provide free, easy online access to criminal records.  In addition, countless private online background check sites now exist, providing potential employers, landlords, and anybody with an internet connection easy access to view your criminal history in minutes.

Thankfully, in each of the nine states we practice criminal record removal services, provides for the expungement, sealing, and removal of many criminal records kept by criminal justice agencies and private databases, making them inaccessible to potential employers, landlords, the general public, and most, if not all government agencies. Successfully sealing or expunging a criminal record, has many clear benefits, some of which often include:

> Being able to legally state that you have not been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense to employers and landlords
> Becoming eligible for professional licenses you previously did not qualify for
> Increased eligibility for student loans, housing assistance, and government programs
> Improving access and admission to college and other educational resources
> Improving your ability to obtain higher-paying job opportunities

Eliminating the concern and potential embarrassment of failing a background check by removing public access to sensitive personal information
If you’re ready to move on in life without a criminal record holding you back, our law firm has is here to help—the first step is simply taking our free, confidential Eligibility Test to see if you qualify. If you would prefer to speak with one of our licensed attorneys or criminal records analysts, just give us a call toll free at (844) 947-3732.


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